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©️Annick Lemay 2020. “Tang Dynasty Horse” by Annick Lemay. Multimedia on Canvas, 16×20 Inches. Ltd Ed.$450

Welcome to Annick Lemay Arts! I am an Artist and Bilingual Arts Author. Here I showcase some of my Fine Arts which have in various International Exhibits. Please check the exhibition page for current exhibits.

They are for sale.

They are very limited edition prints on canvas or bamboo paper which prints beautifully and are great for our planet. They each come Numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The price listed is 16×20 Inches. If you’d like a different size of paper or Canvas print, please email me. I can accommodate that. The same holds true for a different size. A surcharge may apply.

Thank you kindly,


For more Info: 1 (236) 332 9666

©️Annick Lemay 2020. Sleeping Girl, multimedia, 24×36 inches. Ltd Ed. $450.00
©️Annick Lemay, 2021. “Tang Dynasty“. Multimedia. 16×20 inches.Ltd.Ed.$450
“Spirit Guide”at ARTS 2021. Surrey Art Gallery. June 1 to August 29th 2021

THE WORKS OF Annick Lemay

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